Saturday, December 25, 2010


I have had 10,772 grafts to restore my entire head of hair with the Alvi Armani clinic.

Many years I have seen my hair thinning more and more. I always waited and hoped that the hairloss would stop. But the loss increased and so I lost my front hair line, the top and the crown and my self confidence.

So I started thinking about what to do.But my main problem was how to find the right surgeon for hair transplant Los Angeles. So one day in 2004 I found Alvi Armani clinic. I heard they are the best worldwide and so I write an e-mail to get in contact. First I sent some pictures and got more information back. Then in August 2004 I made an appointment and started from Germany to the clinic.

I think it was the best decision I ever made.I saw a wonderful town, I had a great hotel room, and the best of all, I got back my front hair line using 3402 grafts from the back side of my head. They did a great job, because with their system of transplanting hairs they are able to create a better density than other surgeons.

With the growing hair line, my self-confidence grew in the same way. I was aware that there will be more than one transplant session necessary to get the result I want. But if I look back and see the pictures after the first surgery, I am glad to see my face having a wonderful front hair line again. I can say that already the first surgery made a remarkable difference in the appearance of my face and beauty.

In 2006 and 2007 I made another appointments with Alvi Armani. All in all I have had 4 procedures with the clinic to do my whole head of hair. I have documented everything below.


Surgery 1 - 3402 grafts
Surgery 2 - 2297 grafts
Surgery 3 - 3015 grafts
Surgery 4 - 2008 grafts

Total -10,722 Grafts

Friday, December 4, 2009

Before Photos

Here are my before photos from 4 years ago, I was a Norwood 5, almost 6. I was assured we could transplant my entire head of hair at high density and give me a look like I never lost any hair!

After 1st procedure

Here is a photo of me a few months after my very first procedure. The first session was to recreate my hairline and to frame my face in Zone 1. I can already see that the new hair framing my face has made such a difference in my appearance. I will be going back for my 2nd procedure for all behind in a few months.

After my 2nd and 3rd surgery

These are photos after my 2nd and 3rd procedure. At this point my hairline is very full and temples, and the top is full, I just need my crown done in the very back. These procedures were for zones 2 and 3, behind the hairline and the middle. Because I had so much hairloss and because I wanted very high density we had to do the procedures in different sessions to restore each area.

My Transplanted Hairline

Here is a photo with my hairline pulled back, It is so dense. My hairline is all transplanted hair 100%. Looks and feels perfect.

Before my 4th surgery

Here is a top view of my head before my 4th surgery. Everything looks great except I just need some thickening in the crown. My 4th procedure was for 2,000 grafts to address this area of concern, Zone 4.

Update 6 months after 4th procedure

Here I am 6 months after my 4th procedure. This procedure was for Zone 4 and the crown. I am getting thicker every month and as you can see my transformation is almost complete! I have gone from someone who had almost no hair on my head to having a great hairline with no temple recession, full coverage on top and a fully covered dense crown.

Here is a photo of my donor area and back of my head after having 10,700 grafts transplanted. I still have enough donor hair for another good size procedure if I wanted, but I don't think I need it.